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  1. John and Margaret Bell Says:

    We saw you last Saturday at St Barbara’s Greek Festival and must say you were great. Your voice, bouzouki playing and songs were absolutely amazing.
    You made us feel as if we were on the Islands of Greece enjoying the Greek Life.

    We also bought and are playing your HOME TO GREECE CD. Just great.

    There is absolutely nothing like LIVE Greek music played by Great Musicians.

    Thanks for the Experience and hope you will be at the next Festival St Barbara’s has!

    John and Margaret Bell.
    (I am Greek but my name does not reflect it! LOL)

  2. Sophia Socaris Says:

    My husband and I were recently at a wedding in Tampa Florida and had the pleasure of hearing the Agean Duo. Our koumbari had told us how great these two musicians were, so we had high expectations. The Duo far surpassed those expectations. They started with a wonderful comoplation of songs during dinner that were easy listening. For the bride and groom they played a lovely song called “E monie mou agape esa see, my only love is you” The music for this song was written by Steve. It is a heart warming verse, and perfect for the first dance. After wiping a tear from my eye, it was up on the dance floor for constant dance music. They played a wide varity of dances and had the place rocking. The energy in the room was palpable and the dance floor was packed the whole night. What a great wedding. Thank you Steve and Nick for making our godsons wedding a celebration to remember.

  3. Margaret Scopelianos, Whitehouse Station, NJ Says:

    We were blessed that Steve & Nick hosted our son’s wedding last month in Kansas City. We knew they were talented after enjoying their music for many years at St Sophia’s festival in Syracuse NY. Now we also know how amazing they are to work with- professional, advisory, accommodating, reliable, patient and personally attentive.

    The wedding required extensive coordination among the bride & groom in Arizona, family in Kansas City, our family in New Jersey, and the Aegeans in Rochester NY. The complexity of our multi-city planning was eliminated thanks to Steve’s accessibility and experience. He repeatedly committed to making this the best wedding ever, and delivered on this promise. We met by phone several times to review details and refine our plans. With experience hosting such large and important events (we had 600+ wedding guests), Steve actively offered helpful advice, reassuring our bride and groom that their goals would be met. ‘Whatever you want, we will deliver. It’s your wedding; we want you to be happy.’

    They ensured their equipment arrived well in advance of the wedding. They provided just the right amount of communication to keep us informed, and were nimble in everything they did. They also were perceptive and nuanced about the flow of the evening, ensuring that the mix of music transitioned well and maintained the momentum of the party.

    Steve emceed the entire event, including several traditions which required coordination. Everything was absolutely perfect. Steve & Nick have become part of the wedding album -they are wonderful ambassadors of the Greek culture as well as professional musicians.

    We highly recommend Steve & Nick, and imagine hosting many future events with them in our midst.

  4. Pete Tanoos Says:

    Awesome CD. Luv it. Pete Tanoos, Terre Haute, IN

  5. Anne Hoag Says:

    I’ve been enjoying Nick and Steve’s music for many years and have two of their recordings (not sure what to call them in a post-CD world! — records, albums?). I love listening to music from around the world and to singing in languages other than English, especially when the singer is so expressive and artful, I get the full meaning without understanding a word! That’s Steve! Nick and his bouzouki introduced me to world music more than 25 years ago and though I’ve seen many bouzoukists (haha, made that up) over the years (including a few in Ireland…what’s up with Celtic bands adopting the Greek instrument?) Nick is still the best. Full disclosure, he’s my cousin, but I wouldn’t say it if I weren’t entirely sincere.

  6. Tony Tsaganos Says:

    My wife and I had the pleasure of listening to your music on the Opa cruise in Feb 2013. The vocals and bouzouki performance were amazing. I would also recommend the “Home to Greece CD” to anyone that enjoys authentic Greek music. The lecture that was given by Dr. Mouganis was a very moving and educational experience on Greek history. Steve and Nick keep up the great work and we look forward to hearing your music in the future. My wife and I wish you and your family the very best and we will see you on the Opa cruise next year. BE THERE! –Tony and Joanne

  7. Jim Mendrinos Says:

    The Duo is unmatched in energy, musicality and just dang fun! Got to see them for 4 shows on the Opa Cruise, and I have never seen that many Greeks dancing for that long.

    The fun boys of Greek Music!

  8. Deana Katsouris Says:

    Steve and Nick blessed us with playing at our Fish Fry at Archangel Michael’s Greek Orthodox Church in Lecanto, Florida. The crowd couldn’t get enough of their band that no one could believe consisted of only two people. Their knowledge and perfect performance of favorite Greek songs brought so much joy to the people. Their are simply amazing. They are also wonderful people who feel for Greek communities and want to do what’s best for churches but most importantly the Lord’s work. Thank you Steve and Nick and I pray that you will be able to come and play again at our festival as everyone who heard you on Friday what you back ASAP! Hope you have a wonderful cruise and somehow get some rest after your tour. God bless both of you, Deana

  9. Virginia Says:

    Amazing! Me and my husband enjoy very much your performance on the Greek Festival in Boca Raton. You are the Best! We would like your schedule for South Florida as well.

  10. Eleftheria Says:

    I was introduced to the Aegean Duo at the Saint Mark Greek Festival, in Boca Raton, and what a wonderful discovery it was.
    The song choices as well as the wonderful vocals were nothing less than glorious.
    Steve’s voice is so pure that the songs he sings are better than the originals!! Unless of course, they are his
    originals; Monadiki mou agapi as well as Ase ta paidia, have become two of my favorites.
    You have made me a fan for life….. I look forward to experiencing you again.
    All the best,

  11. john koutsoupis [Festival Chairman - Boca Raton, FL] Says:

    Our 2013 Saint Mark Festival just ended. There were approximately 21,000 people that passed through this years festival and I have never heard as many comments and accolades about a band that played for our Church Festival before. The Aegean Duo took our Festival this year to a height we thought we would not achieve. They played and played to the amazement of us all, to those waiting on line, to those sitting at tables and to those dancing in front of them. Saint Mark Greek Orthodox Church thanks the Aegean Duo for making this one of the most memorable Festivals ever!!!! If there are any questions or recommendations needed, please ask us – you were fantastic!!!!!

  12. Saint Mark [Father Mark - Boca Raton, FL] Says:

    The Aegean Duo brought life to our Saint Mark Greek Festival. They are not only wonderful musicians, but amazing people. Over the four days, they became part of our Saint Mark Family. We thank God for them!!!

    Saint Mark

  13. Elaine Koehler Says:

    you all were GREAT!! at the boca greek festival!
    remember to tell LAURIE NEENOS I said hello!
    please say you will be back next year and please send your schedule for south florida and buffalo to me.

  14. Apostolos Combitsis Says:

    The AEGEAN DUO performed this past weekend at my daughter’s wedding (well, step-daughter, really, but she’s like a daughter to me), and as usual, they were nothing short of FANTASTIC! It turns out that this “dynamic duo” has been at our parish of St. Barbara Greek Orthodox Church in Toms River, NJ several times since our festival last year, and they are scheduled for more upcoming appearances! They have been well-received by the Greeks and Greek-Americans of the area, and they really know how to rock the house and create the mandatory “kefi” needed for a great time. Make no mistake about it, the Aegean Duo has been baptized as our church’s “house band”! Their repertoire is HUGE, and they play songs that most 4- and 5-piece bands would never touch. It is obvious that they love what they do, and that they take the time to perfect even one song, so that it is presented properly. They are truly PROFESSIONALS.

    I could go on and on about these guys, but let me make one last, very important comment: besides being EXCELLENT musicians and being the best at what they do, Nick and Steve are the absolute NICEST people I’ve had the privilege of meeting. They are true GENTLEMEN, in every sense of the word, and they are a pleasure to work with. If you haven’t ordered their CD, well, GET IT, and the next time you have a dinner party or informal get-together with friends at your home, pop it in the CD player. If your guests aren’t up and dancing within 10 minutes, you need to consider finding new friends! 😉

    All the best, guys, and much continued success! THANK YOU for doing a PHENOMENAL job at my daughter’s wedding…. See you soon!


  15. Father Paul Pappas Says:

    Excellent in Greek entertainment. Very professional, true gentlemen, outstanding in modern as well as older Greek music. Highly recommended! [Tom’s River, NJ]

  16. Amanda Karfakis (Manos) Says:

    Congratulations on the new web site you guys!!! We have been waiting for this, and it’s worth the wait. The videos are awesome. Can’t wait to show our son–he will be dancing all day to the sounds of the Duo. You’re the best!

  17. Maria Hopko Says:

    The Aegeans have been playing at our annual Hellenic Holiday Dinner-Dance in Ithaca, NY for many, many years. Not only do they create great ‘kefi’ with their wonderful music, they are also incredibly nice to work with! Thank you for being so accommodating and flexible, and for being so supportive of St. Catherine’s GOC every year! We look forward to more successful events with you in the future!

  18. Sophia Paulos Says:

    Dear Nick,

    My husband and I attended a family wedding in New York which you were sharing your beautiful music. We bought one of your CD’s there and have played it everyday since.
    My husband would play song #8 and sing it to me everyday sometimes more then once. It was our love song.

    To my great sorrow my dear husband passed away two weeks ago and I play the song over and over to heal my heart. It only makes me feel his love whenever I hear it. My husband is Greek and as I am not, I only know a few of the words and their meanings. He would always translate in between singing but I don’t know all the words.

    He was a very loving man full of life. The church was over flowing and the reception afterwards too. We played song #8 at the reception and many people have requested your CD. I’m order six CD’s for now and very happy to share them you have such beautiful voices.

    My request is if there was any way that you had an English translation of your CD but most of all song #8? I would be forever with heart felt appreciation if you would translate song #8 for me.

    Thank you for possibly doing this for me.

    My deepest appreciation

    Sophia Paulos

  19. Alexandra Ladas Says:

    I love you both so much! Thank you for coming to the Buffalo Greek Fest and for once again playing at the 90th Annual Siatistian Convention! You are both so talented and kind, and it is such a joy to have you play for us. A million thank you’s for all that you do and I hope to see you both soon!

  20. Stacy Marousis Says:

    It is with great pleasure that I am able to add my comments on the music of the “Aegean Duo”. I Just returned home from the St Barbara Greek Festival Toms River, NJ. I along with family and friends enjoyed the variety and selections of all the music that Steve and Nick,played continously, for hours. It truly was a great experience listening to and dancing to their music. Looking forward o seeing them again in November at our annual church dance.

  21. Apostolos Says:

    You guys are AWESOME! I first heard you this weekend at our annual Greek Festival here in Toms River, New Jersey. Your repertoire is very commercial, upbeat, and very nicely arranged, not to mention very commercial! (I haven’t heard a band perform “Tzivaeri” in a very long time!) The vocals are excellent, the orchestrations first-class, and overall your presentation is superb! Much continued success to you! Can’t wait to have you next year!

  22. Spiros Adamitis Says:

    the amazing thing is that they didn’t take a break for like 4 hours, and knew almost every request

  23. John Bechakas Says:

    Steve and Nick,

    Just wanted to say that our Dunkirk NY 90th Siatistian convention wouldn’t have been the success it was without The Aegean Duo. Your huge selection of vocals and dance kept the festive mood. Looking forward to your next engagement.

  24. Pauline Costianes Says:

    Steve and Nick
    Our Jamestown Tsintzinian Reunions wouldn’t be the same without you. Love your music and you and your families. May you play forever!

    Pauline Costianes

  25. Polytimi Says:

    I listened to your new CD today all day it brought tears to my eyes what a voice you have Steve. This CD is truly amazing. The song you created from my father’s poem is just breathtaking. WOW this album is truly one of a kind. Look so forward to seeing you in Jamestown in the coming years to come.
    Love ,
    Polytimi Costianis

  26. Jim Cheronis Says:

    I couldn’t resist picking up the Agenn Duo’s newest CD, “Home To Greece” during the Jamestown, NY Greek Festival. I took it on a “test drive” – I played it for my 81-year-old Greek Immigrant father to see how he’d react. Within minutes, he had brought out a bottle of ouzo and he called my sister and her family to come over for drinkies and mezethes(appetizers). Steve and Nick have put together a GREAT collection of songs. The vocals are smooth and passionate and the arrangements, musicianship and production makes this offering one of my all-time favorites. 5 out of 5-Stars!!!

  27. Christina Auer Says:

    Thank you to the Aegeans for their great music at our Syracuse Greek Festival. Click on the link below for photos!

  28. Violetta Matiatos Says:

    I have been a fan of the Aegean Duo for years, and always enjoyed their music. I have seen them perform in many venues, from festivals, to wedding, to clubs, and always enjoyed listening and dancing to the music. They play a wide range of songs from all parts of Greece, and get the people up dancing. Their new CD is AMAZING! You have to buy it, the only thing better is seeing them live.
    Violetta Matiatos Albany, NY

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