Steve Tavelaris and Nick Mouganis together form the Aegean Duo.  They are the leaders of the “Aegeans”, a successful Greek orchestra based in Western New York with performance and concert experience in many northeastern cities.  Its principal members have been singing and playing together since 1980, appearing on average about 70 times a year.

Steve (Stergios) was born in Florina Greece and was raised in an environment of Greek Popular and Folk Music.  He began playing in Greek bands as a teenager, just a few years after arriving in America.  An accomplished percussionist and guitarist, Steve soon moved to bouzouki and is today widely regarded as one of America’s finest players.  Steve’s biggest talent may be as a vocalist, delivering distinctive, authentic and rich interpretations in a surprising variety of styles.

Nick came to Greek Music through the study of ethnomusicology which led to a year in Greece collecting field recordings of folk music.  He later recorded three albums with the Sultans Middle Eastern Band.  Nick plays second bouzouki for the Aegeans and moves to keyboards and synthesizers with the Duo.

Steve and Nick create a nuanced and diverse Greek musical experience, carefully merging traditional musicianship with modern technology.  Styles presented include Laika (popular), Demotika (mainland folk), Nisiotika (island), Rebetika, Epirotika, and Pontic.  Their debut CD, including original material, sold out its first release and they are now in studio working on the second.  Their “small group big sound” presentation has led to engagements across the county.

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